Förstudie för ett fullständigt cirkulärt fasadsystem för lokalskördade byggmaterial (LO-CI)

In this pre-study project, we would like to study the potential of a fully circular façade system that consists mainly of materials that are sourced locally, can be constructed and deconstructed, is adaptable, has a low environmental impact, and has high aesthetic value. The system is called LO-CI (LOcally & CIrcular). With locally-sourced materials we refer to agricultural and marine biobased materials, and re-used technical materials. To study the feasibility of the LO-CI system, work in this project is divided into two parts: I) a needs analysis of potential customers and state-of-the-art of similar projects, and II) a product development stage where design alternatives are developed and evaluated. The project is imperative for Sweden's agricultural and construction sector to explore the potential of utilizing agricultural and marine residual materials in building in the paradigm shift towards a biobased and circular construction sector.

Bygg och infrastruktur

Jouri Kanters
Lunds universitet
2022-09-01 till 2024-02-29


Jouri Henricus Adrianus Kanters

projektledare, Lunds universitet