Recyclable Low Noble Metal Content MEA for Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen is considered a key enabling technology for the decarbonization of multiple industries from steel to long-distance transport. However, PEMWE, the only CO2 free hydrogen production source that is adapted to renewable energy sources, is dependent on rare noble metals. In fact, only 8 tons of iridium is extracted yearly and to reach the global goals for hydrogen installations 10-50 times more iridium than possible needs to be extracted each year. The process also uses a toxic Nafion membrane that makes recycling the metals difficult or even impossible. In this project, we aim to solve this by using Ionautics nanoparticle technology that minimizes the usage of noble metal in combination with Cellfion’s recyclable cellulose membranes. Together, the partners aim to be a key enabling technology for green hydrogen production by lowering the noble metal content enough to enable scaling of PEM electrolysis as well as sustainable usage of noble metals through recycling.

Johan Bohlmark
Ionautics AB
2022-08-15 till 2024-08-30


Johan Böhlmark

projektledare, Ionautics AB