Horizon Europe 2024 – Circular Economy

Sista ansökningsdag: 22 februari 2023
Finansiär: EU

The research and innovation (R&I) activities under Horizon Europe Cluster 6 aim to reduce environmental degradation, halt and reverse the decline of biodiversity on land and in inland waters and seas and better manage natural resources through transformative changes in the economy and society in both urban and rural areas. They will also accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, resource-efficient circular economy and sustainable bioeconomy, including forestry.

The new Horizon Europe Cluster 6 calls for proposals related to the circular economy will be open for submissions until 22 February 2024EUR 120 million will be available in the form of grants to cover safe, integrated circular solutions at regional and sectoral levels for important material flows and product value chains. 

Examples of relevant calls:

  • Circular solutions for textile value chains based on extended producer responsibility
  • Innovative circular solutions for furniture
  • Systemic circular solutions for sustainable tourism
  • Circular solutions for textile value chains entailing innovative sorting, recycling and design for recycling
  • Increasing the circularity of plastics value chains
  • Increasing the circularity of electronics value chains
  • New circular solutions and decentralised approaches for water and wastewater management
  • Demonstrating how regions can operate within safe ecological and regional nitrogen and phosphorus boundaries
  • Best available techniques to recover or recycle fertilising products from secondary raw materials.

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