From Waste to Value – Improved use of ashes from municipal solid waste

30 maj 2024 | 08:30 - 10:45
Plats: online Arrangör: CCR - Competence Center of Recycling at Chalmers University, Waste Refinery and IVL Swedish Environmental and Research Institute

An interactive digital seminar dedicated to fostering a shared understanding of the transition towards a circular economy. 

Seminar highlights:

  • Introduction to MSWI and ash generation and treatment : An exploration of the incineration process and its derivatives.
  • Current Utilization Practices: Insight into Bottom Ash applications in construction and Fly Ash in industrial spheres.
  • Environmental and health impacts: Investigating toxic elements and strategizing for improved quality.
  • Regulatory Framework and Standards: A discourse on the governing laws and compliance mechanisms, spanning local to global contexts.
  • Advancements in Recycling and Recovery: Spotlighting cutting-edge technologies for metal extraction and the use of ashes in novel materials.
  • Challenges and Opportunities: Discussing the technicalities, economics, and prospective market expansions.
  • Panel Discussion: An engaging Q&A session designed to foster dialogue with our distinguished audience.
  • Concluding Remarks: Consolidating key outcomes and charting the course for future policy and practice developments.

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