16 - 20 oktober 2023
Plats: London / online Arrangör: ReLondon

Join the stuff revolution. Combating the climate emergency with the circular economy.

#CEweek2023 is a week of inspiration and celebration to showcase and accelerate the stuff revolution. It is hosted by ReLondon, London’s circular economy partner, in partnership this year with Visa, who are championing the transition to a circular economy by supporting businesses to leverage circular recommerce business models.

Cities are the engine room of the circular economy, and as increasingly large numbers of us live in cities, they can lessen our collective impact on the climate by changing the way that business, government and citizens produce and use stuff. It is nothing short of a revolution.

#CEweek2023 is one of a series of global conferences and platforms which bring together changemakers to accelerate the transition to a circular economy.

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