Increased use of slag through online monitoring of slag processes - phase two

The challenge is to develop a fast method for chemical analysis of slag and similar rest products, applicable in-situ without sample preparation. The purpose is to provide the possibility for increased reuse of these products. Based on the successful outcome of the previous project an industrially adapted LIBS system will be built and laboratory tested, with new hardware for direct measurement in hot environments. Software for automatic evaluation of data will be developed and integrated with the LIBS system. The system will be evaluated in realistic industrial trials. A life cycle analysis with assistance from external expertise will be realized. A market survey and discussions with suitable instrument companies for commercialisation will be carried out. Contacts with international partners will be taken concerning joint implementation projects. The expected effects of implementing the new technology are increased reuse of rest products as well as more cost-effective production.

Project manager
Jonas Petersson
Project time
2018-08-27 to 2022-06-30

Final Report

Utökad användning av slagg

Utökad användning av slagg

Projektet har utvärderat och utvecklat metoder för snabb analys av slagg med avsikten att den förenklade analysen skall öka möjligheterna för återanvändning av slaggen som sekundär råvara.

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Jonas Petersson

Projektledare, Swerea KIMAB