Program organisation

The strategic innovation program RE:Source started in 2016 and is led by RISE. RE:Source is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, Vinnova and Formas and is led by a program office and a board. Below you can read more about how RE:Source is structured and about the different roles in the organization.

Program Office

RE:Source’s program office is the most visible part of the organization. The program office consists of the program manager, innovation manager, implementation manager and communicators.

Program board

The program board consists of at least eight but no more than twelve members. The members are distributed between these three stakeholder groups: according to 3-6 from business, 3-6 from public activities and 1-3 from the research area. The program board is elected by the general meeting, where all member organizations in RE:Source each have a vote. The assignment as a board member is personal, that is, the person does not act as a representative of an organization. A board member must have a great interest in creating competitiveness and attractiveness for Sweden in the area of innovation and preferably have a large network to work within.


RE:Source is one of seventeen Strategic Innovation Programs (SIP) funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, Formas, and Vinnova. The assignment to the three authorities came from the government’s research and innovation bill. The purpose of the programs is to contribute to resource efficiency and sustainability in order to increase the benefit to society and the global competitiveness of Swedish companies.

Member organisations

Swedish actors who want to get involved in the program have the opportunity to do so by becoming members. Every organisation that signs the cooperation agreement with RE:Source counts as a member. Each member of RE:Source has the opportunity to influence the business through a vote at the general meeting. It doesn’t cost to be a member, but members contribute with work time within program strategic tasks.

Strategic council

The strategic council are experts who assist the program management with specialised expertise. The strategic council is appointed by the program board.

Members in the Strategic council

  • Uwe Fortkamp, The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency – chairperson
  • Johanna Alkan Olsson, Lunds university
  • Jenny Sahlin, Profu – vice chairperson
  • Lia Detterfelt, Renova
  • Joakim Krook, Linköpings university
  • Thomas Fägerman, Boden Business Park
  • Björn Haase, Höganäs Sweden
  • Marianne Hedberg, The Swedish Construction Federation
  • Fredrik Moberg, Stockholm Resilience Centre
  • Magnus Pettersson, Sysav Utveckling
  • Tobias Richards, University of Borås

The election committee

The selection committee consists of three people from three member organizations who are representative of our members.

The selection committee’s main task is to propose members to the program board. The selection committee has deep knowledge of RE:Source and analyzes and plans how the program should develop. With this in-depth knowledge, the nomination committee can adapt the board’s composition but also ensure reasonable continuity.