Graphic profile

Welcome to RE:Source's new graphic profile. We see communication as a powerful tool for change and what is more communicative than graphic material? Here you can find our new logo or templates and read about the new graphic material.

Why a new graphic profile?

We are taking the first step towards a more visual communication because we believe that knowledge is to be shared. We believe that visual communication is a good tool to work with to make this possible, regardless of whether you are an expert or just starting to rethink towards more circular material use. Our projects provide new perspectives and results, our graphic material is meant to make this more available and easy to understand.

About the new design

The new color scale is multifaceted and can both radiate knowledge and seriousness but also feel interesting and innovative. The puzzle pieces in the visual material are a metaphor for collaboration and the textures include many of the materials our projects focus on. All these graphic elements together provide the ability to balance information on a complex issue and make it easier to understand.

How to use our graphic profile

When communicating projects (eg at events, fairs and conferences), it must always be stated that the project is financed by RE:Source, you can do so by using our logo or a slide that refers to us as the financing actor. When using the templates below it is important to follow the guidelines of colours and typography in the RE:Source graphic profile. Feel free to use the templates below for communication and marketing purposes.



Colour scale


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Katherine Vergara

Visual communicator

Bild för artikel Angelica Afzelius

Angelica Afzelius

communications manager