Development and demonstration of new resource-efficient water treatment technology

This project will further develop a reusable technology for purifying water and chemicals from mercury. The innovation stems from research in electrochemistry and surface physics at Chalmers, and makes it possible to remove mercury from polluted waters in a new and resource-efficient way. There is a great need for better treatment methods for waste and process water in industry, drinking water treatment and environmental sanitation. This is to reduce operating costs and climate impact by reducing energy consumption and waste generation, as well as increasing the effect of purifying low concentrations. In this project, a demonstration prototype will be developed and tested in an industrial environment. An implementation study will be carried out to produce data such as requirements specification and process design in order to be able to implement the technology on a large scale. The project will involve end customers, suppliers of existing treatment systems and academia.

Project manager
Emma Hanaeus
Project time
2022-09-01 to 2024-05-01
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Emma Hanaeus

project manager, ATIUM AB