Evaluation of co-pyrolysis of plastic waste and low value biomass

Fast pyrolysis is a promising thermochemical technology for converting organic material, for example biomass and plastic, into energy, chemicals and/or fuels. Full-scale facilities are currently under construction but struggle with economic challenges related to the low raw oil price. This project is based on earlier laboratory studies that have shown that pyrolysis of a mixture of plastic and biomass is more advantageous compared to the pyrolysis of the separate materials in terms of quality of products, efficiency of the pyrolysis process and the eligibility to produce bio-based products in the plastic recycling. In the proposed project co-pyrolysis of relevant plastic waste material and low value biomass will be evaluated by analytical methods and industrial relevant pilot scale pyrolysis experiments. The proposed technology approach can be one way of improving the resource and waste management.


Project manager
Ann-Christine Johansson
RISE Energy Technology Center AB
Project time
2016-09-09 to 2018-01-30