Enhanced use of slags by on-line monitoring of slag processes

The long-term objective of the project is to increase the use of slags by implementing on-line analysis tools to better control the production of slags, and thereby opening new markets for their use, increasing the competitiveness of steel manufacturer companies, and further minimising their environmental impacts. In order to ensure the quality of slag, it is essential to maintain good control of the slag chemical composition. A major goal of the project is to develop a chemical analysis method for fast slag analysis without sample preparation, as a tool for effective control of the composition. The method will be developed in the laboratory for slag analysis, tested in field trials at least one industrial site, and finally assessed for use on an industrial scale. If the project results fulfil the objectives, a more qualified and increased use of slag as rest products will result, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the companies using the technique.

Built environment

Project manager
Jonas Petersson
Project time
2017-06-15 to 2017-12-31


Jonas Petersson

Projektledare, Swerea KIMAB