Remometer - Measure the EEE manufacturer's potential for re-manufacturing

The project aims to develop a decision-making tool for how re-manufacturing of electrical products can become a key part of the manufacturing business model. The decision tool ("Remometer") should be able to measure potential economic, ecological and social benefits and disadvantages of re-production. The project studies Husqvarna AB's initiation of re-manufacturing of robotic lawnmowers. The project's solution proposal has the potential for more efficient use of materials, as the manufacturer can already be given increased awareness of material selection at the design stage, and more.

Business models Electronics

Project manager
Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene
Linköpings Universitet
Project time
2020-02-03 to 2021-07-01
Bild för artikel Remometer – Mäta EEE tillverkares potential för återtillverkning


Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene

project manager, Linköpings Universitet