ReMat – Development of a business model and technological platform for locally increasing the value of recycled materials in Swedish car recycling

Each year 180 000 cars are processed by the Swedish car recycling industry. When they reach their end of life, they must be processed according to Swedish legislation. Nowadays this is unprofitable since the extractible materials doesn’t cover the processing costs.This pre project will develop a sustainable business model and a conceptual technological platform that enables increased local refinement of materials from end of life vehicles. The business model will show the holistic effects of this in a typical Swedish car recycling business. The technological platform will specify what kinds of equipment, and demands on these, it is that’ll be needed to realize the business model.

Business models Recycling

Project manager
Kristoffer Gramnaes
Stiftelsen Chalmers Industriteknik
Project time
2017-06-15 to 2017-12-13


Jelena Kurilova-Palisaitiene

project manager, Linköpings Universitet