ReAppli - A digital service for increased reuse of used appliances and feedback of data

The project aims to develop and validate a digital service for increased reuse of used appliances, ReAppli on a larger pilot scale. The B2B platform will be developed to include a mobile operating system app that enables data analysis on the product life cycle, reuse, repair opportunities and more. The Swedish Energy Agency estimates that the project has the potential to contribute to a reduction in the amount of primary raw materials and reduced energy use by repairing and reusing white goods instead of being discarded and recycled.

Electronics Reuse

Project manager
Mats Torring
Stena Recycling International AB
Project time
2020-01-02 to 2021-12-31
Bild för artikel ReAppli – En digital tjänst för ökad återanvändning av begagnade vitvaror och återkoppling av data


Mats Torring

project manager, Stena Recycling