Developing textile waste sorting technologies, business models and pilot plant

The project shall create prerequisites for the establishment of a national pilot facility and open arena for the development of sorting technologies and business models for better usage of textile waste. The pilot facility shall develop, verify and establish methods, technologies, and business models for better usage of collected textile waste, and by doing so opening up for new environmentally and business wise better usage of textile waste. Todays dominating usage of textile waste, in limited amounts, is by charity organisations in second hand stores. The rest is either incinerated or stored. Very small amounts of textile waste are recycled back to material today. The project will establish an open and fair business model opening up for all actors in Sweden that produces or manages textile waste to use the future sorting facility and open arena. The project shall also evaluate the possibility to involve other Nordic actors.

Business models Textile

Project manager
Henrik Aleryd
Innovatum AB
Project time
2016-10-03 to 2018-04-04