Over & Oat

An efficient food system is necessary to build a sustainable society that uses resources within the planetary boundaries. Plant-based beverage residues (okara) pose a complex challenge to the food industry and is a rapidly growing problem. Due to the lack of large-scale solutions for further processing, okara from oat drink production is currently used as feed or fertiliser. The aim of the research project is to investigate how okara can be transformed from a residual product to a valuable raw material at system level. The research will focus on innovations in regenerative food design and food ingredients, but okara's potential for bio-based materials will also be explored. The project aims to initiate an industry-wide conversion through research on process techniques, circular business models and product development. The research is expected to contribute to a more sustainable food industry through reduced food waste and a more efficient use of resources.


Project manager
Johan Sidenmark
Axel Johnson Holding Aktiebolag
Project time
2023-09-01 to 2026-03-31
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Johan Sidenmark

project manager, Axel Johnson Holding Aktiebolag