Optifines – Optimised sludge recycling using OXYFINES-technique

The project aims to develop and demonstrate a concept for 100% recycling of Zn-containing dust/sludge. The steelmaking industry is constantly improving its recycling rate; though, some materials are still being landfilled due to their chemical contents, mainly zinc (Zn) and its process related restrictions. The project scope is, by pilot plant trials, to verify and optimise the OXYFINES technology for the upgrading of Zn-rich sludge into a recyclable Zn-free product, as well as a Zn-rich dust suitable as a raw material in Zn production. By system analysis the potential benefits, i.e. on material value, energy- and material efficiency, production economy and environment (e.g. CO2) will be identified, with the aim to present the optimal recycling solution.

Sludge Recycling

Project manager
Katarina Lundkvist
Swerim AB
Project time
2018-06-15 to 2020-06-30
Bild för artikel Optifines – Optimerad slam­återvinning med OXYFINES-teknik


Katarina Lundkvist

project manager, Swerim