Increased use of recycled aluminum for forged products

Aluminium is a metal were recycling is of great gain compared to ore-based metal. Today the recycled aluminum is degraded in the aluminium production due to specification uncertainties, with the drawback of economical and energy losses. This research project has a cross disciplinary plan with partners from end-user, manufacturing companies, experts and universities. A huge potential energy saving is to be investigated through the increased content of recycled aluminium in wrought parts, but also through the use of new melt techniques for lower metal losses during casting. The project aims to develop a path for the production based on 100% recycled materials. A higher content of recycled aluminium in high quality products utilize large economical and environmental savings. Swedish aluminium industry can take a pole position as a producer of environmentally friendly product, with the long-term effect of large profits both economically as commercially.


Project manager
Tomas Liljenfors
Bryne AB
Project time
2020-02-03 to 2021-12-17
Bild för artikel Ökad användning av återvunnet aluminium för smidda produkter


Tomas Liljenfors

project manager, Bryne