Public procurement in design phase as a tool

The purpose of the project is to strengthen municipal procurement skills and working methods in order to make procurement claims more efficient. The application of research results in 4-5 municipalities will be carried out by e.g. identifying how early cooperation between the municipality and the companies can implement innovation procurement in the design phase and when it can be possible to procure services instead of products.The municipalities, in their role as procurers in a bottom-up perspective could affect the companies so that the products that are procured to a greater extent can be repaired and recycled. By looking at alternative materials and ways of manufacturing as well as focusing on services instead of products, the market can be driven towards more sustainable and energy efficient products.


Project manager
Ylva Ek
Energikontoret Östra Götaland AB
Project time
2018-06-15 to 2018-12-31
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