New spreading methodology for ash recycling

The project aims to develop and construct a new type of spreading equipment for ash recycling on mineral soil and peatland and test and validate. The equipment will have its own power source and hydraulic system to make it more flexibel and decrease the need for adjustments on the carrier, "stand alone". The equipment should also be able to combine the spreading of ash and nitrogen, which is not possible with the current equipment. This will result in an increased interest for ash recycling in Svealand and Norrland, where ash recycling today only is carried out to a limited extent. The design of the equipment will also be done so that it´s possible to adjust the size of the equipment for other carriers (forwarders) than are is used today, foremost smaller and lighter machines. The use of "stand alone" also enables the use of new, fuel-fficient forwarders, compared to current equipment that only will be able to be used on older forwardes due to the technical complexity of new machines.

Project manager
Daniel Glimtoft
Svensk Skogsgödsling AB
Project time
2018-06-30 to 2022-03-31

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