Networking with Nature

In ’Networking with Nature’, Lunds universitet (LU), NordZucker, Perstorp AB and Bona AB will develop two functional bio-based molecules with the potential to cross-link polyurethanes in a new, energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly way. The goal is to create a surface coating that further extends the lifespan of, for example, wooden floors compared to what is possible today. LU has already shown that it is technically possible to produce these molecules, either through biocatalysis or traditional chemistry. This project aims to evaluate whether the molecules work as intended for the planned cross-linking and evaluate which production method is best to invest in from a commercial point of view. As only very small volumes of the functional molecules are required to achieve the desired function, the commercial potential is very high. The parties involved are part of the value chain and together have access to the raw material as well as the technical and commercial expertise to reach a global market.

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Project manager
Josefin Ahlqvist
Lunds universitet
Project time
2023-09-15 to 2024-09-15
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Josefin Ahlqvist

project manager, Lunds Universitet