Reduced CO2 emissions and improved resource efficiency through the use of iron and steel slag in cement production (Slag for cement, S4C)

The aim of this project is to improve the environmental sustainability of the cement, quicklime and steel industries. The work will gain new knowledge about using slags and other by-products from the steel process as raw material in cement manufacturing, extending the reserves of natural raw material, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and the use of landfills. The use of slag as a raw material for cement on a permanent basis can soon be a reality. The intention is to replace a portion of the limestone with slag. Particular focus will be on the chemistry of magnesium since the concentration is high in slags and it is limited in cement clinker. In order to reach set aims, full scale tests at the steel plants, focusing on the possibility to reduce the MgO content, as well as full scale test at the cement plant focusing on increased use of slags will be conducted. Laboratory experiments will be conducted to create new data and study the properties of new raw materials.

Built environment

Project manager
Fredrik Engström
Luleå tekniska universitet
Project time
2017-06-30 to 2019-12-31