Waste reduction through magnetic separation of bed material

In energy recovery of residues that cannot be recycled, fluid bed combustion is effective. The technology provides high fuel flexibility by quartz sand stabilizing the combustion temperature. However, the sand turnover must be kept high to reduce risk for agglomeration, with a risk of downtime.In Sweden, approximately 25,000 tons of sand/year is used for waste combustion and 100,000 tons/year for bio-combustion. Improbed has shown that ilmenite can replace sand and reduce landfill volumes, as well as provide positive effects such as: higher efficiency, lower emissions and zero exposure to quartz dust. With E.ON, we want to develop a method of magnetically separating ilmenite from the ash flow and recycle it. The project intends to introduce the method on an industrial scale, analyze the process and optimize the function, with the aim of reducing bed material deposited by at least 80%.The project will be the start of an international launch of the patented concept.

Project manager
Lars Bierlein
Improbed AB
Project time
2018-08-13 to 2022-04-01