International transformation for circular economy

The project carried out by AFRY on behalf of RE:Source has aimed to identify and compile the obstacles that currently exist in the international arena and to report on the driving forces for switching to a circular economy seen in a global perspective. Analysis of imports and exports, as well as a web-survey, formed the basis for the choice of the value chains for the product groups furniture, clothing, electronics and vehicles to be studied. The analysis of the value chains was done by studying literature and other available information and by conducting a large number of interviews with key people in the various value chains and with a number of circular economy experts in different countries. Material flows for steel and paper were studied to a lesser extent. Halfway through the project, a workshop was held with 61 participants, consisting of industry representatives and experts from the research world and society in general, where the results so far were presented and discussed. After the workshop, an in-depth study was conducted, mainly through international sources, and through interviews with international experts


Project manager
Anna-Karin Jönbrink
Project time
2021-01-31 to 2021-10-21
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Anna-Karin Jönbrink

Head of Sustainability Consulting Sweden , AFRY