Innovative use of reactive extrusion for recycling of PET

This project aims at investigating the possibility to use reactive extrusion to upgrade post consumer packaging and industrial waste of PET. Upgraded material will be evaluated as a potential raw material for several applications; foaming, fiber manufacturing, foil extrusion and injection molding. A success full project could potentially increase todays’ very limited, recycling of PET-materials. The reason for PET not being recycled is largely dependent on the poor quality of the recycled materials; instead it is sent to incineration. A simplified sustainability study will performed in order to ensure the process environmental impact. The results will give valuable information regarding the potential of reactive extrusion for these kinds of material and form the basis of a possible continuation.

Plastics Recycling

Project manager
Henrik Oxfall
Swerea IVF AB
Project time
2017-06-15 to 2017-12-31