Inclusive System for Circular Electronics

Most OECD countries have producer responsibility organizations (PROs). PROs receive funds under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) to ensure environmentally sound waste management of waste from electronic products (WEEE) in accordance with the WEEE directives. But products that are sent across borders as second-hand products via online sales and/or traditional exports lose those funds that ensure sound recycling.Even if a producer has paid for his EPR to his national PRO, the destination country is left without the means to handle the generated e-waste in a sustainable manner. As a result, most of the second-hand electronics are eventually dumped on landfills or burned. About 40 million tons per year according to the UN.ISCE solves this by monitoring the flow of second-hand goods across borders and transfers the EPR associated with the product to the destination. As a result, the WEEE generated can always undergo sustainable recycling regardless of the destination country.


Project manager
Jakob Lennartsson
Towards Zero Waste AB
Project time
2021-09-01 to 2022-05-01
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Jakob Lennartsson

project manager, Towards Zero Waste