High-value food products from plant fiber residues

Production of plant-based dairy analogues such as oat milk generates copious amounts of residues, rich in protein and fibre. Today, these residues are used for soil improvement, animal feed, or incineration. In previous projects, we have shown that these residues have the potential to become valuable food ingredients. This project aims to solve remaining challenges such as bacterial growth, antinutrient content and protein and fibre availability, and thereby increase circularity and resource efficiency. The key here is to optimise and then implement innovative cooperative fermentation using unique bacterial and yeast strains in full-scale production. Residues will thus be transformed into health-promoting high-value food ingredients such as dairy and meat analogues for the global market.


Project manager
Johan Kronholm
The Green Dairy Sweden Holding Aktiebolag
Project time
2023-09-01 to 2025-03-31
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Nils Johan Peter Kronholm

project manager, The Green Dairy Sweden Holding Aktiebolag