Prefabricated wooden cycle paths for elevated use

The project aims at developing the modular wooden cycling track concept, in ground and elevated configurations. It will investigate the key requirements, barriers and benefits associated with the development and construction of a pilot stretch of (partly) elevated, wooden, soft mobility road. Building such infrastructure in wood instead of asphalt is expected to save between 55% and 90% of its weight without significantly reducing its lifetime. The project will further investigate the sustainability of the product, as well as its social and safety aspects. The solution as it currently exists will be reviewed and key future developments determined for the next stage, such as its re-usability and repairability. Key stakeholders will be identified to set the foundations for the design and implementation of a full-scale demonstration project in Sweden. The Swedish Energy Agency considers that the project has the potential to contribute to a circular and sustainable use of lightweight materials, since the intended wooden infrastructure offers a reusable lightweight alternative to pedestrian and bicycle paths in asphalt.

Built environment

Project manager
Jean Michel A Huvelle
ModC Networks AB
Project time
2020-11-02 to 2021-03-31
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Jean Michel A Huvelle

project manager, ModC Networks