Sustainable use of plastic through lowered thresholds for market players

If Sweden's use of plastic is to be sustainable, plastic recycling and use of recycled plastic need to increase. A key in this is to reduce risks and uncertainties for companies that want to invest in the recycling system and for companies that want to use recycled plastics in their production. Thus, the purpose of the project is to investigate prerequisites for developing, implementing and disseminating tools that help reduce and manage risks and uncertainties of waste generators, plastic recyclers and plastic users. The tools are aimed at compiling information on the properties and applications of plastic in a clear way to allow plastic trade and to develop risk analysis tools for the use of recycled plastic. Application of these tools is expected to significantly contribute to increasing both the disposal market and the recycled plastic production.

Plastics Recycling

Project manager
Klas Cullbrand
Stiftelsen Chalmers Industriteknik
Project time
2019-03-04 to 2019-12-31


Klas Cullbrand

project manager, Chalmers Industriteknik