Sustainable use of input material and by-products when using direct-reduced iron in the electric arc furnace

To mitigate climate change and fulfil the goals of the Paris Agreement of limiting global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, rapid and deep reduction in greenhouse gas emissions are necessary. In connection with the green transition that is now taking place, the Swedish steel industry faces major challenges. In addition to the ability to produce green steel, new processes also pose challenges when it comes to the new types of residues that will be generated as a result of the transformation that is now taking place. For full environmental benefits to be achieved, it is therefore very important that there is a plan for how these new residues can be used sustainably. The overall objective of this research project is to create a scientific base for continued research on tomorrow's lime-based residues from the Swedish steel industry, thereby ensuring future markets and providing an added value for the Swedish industries.

Project manager
Fredrik Engström
Luleå tekniska universitet
Project time
2022-09-01 to 2023-02-28
Bild för artikel Hållbar användning av insatsmaterial och restprodukter vid användning av direktreducerad järnråvara i ljusbågsugn


Fredrik Engström

project manager, Luleå tekniska universitet