The plaster board's way back - collection system for increased recycling

Plaster board is a common building material. Therefore, a lot of waste is generated from this material during construction, demolition and refurbishment. It is possible to reuse recycled gypsum boards as secondary raw materials in new plaster boards and manufacturers wants to use greater amount of recycled raw material in their products. Also, plaster boards is often sorted out as a separate waste fraction. Nevertheless, only a small proportion of the gypsum waste is recycled into new plaster boards.In a recent study, innovative solutions have been proposed to increase the recovery of plasterboard. In the new project some will be tested, including coordinated collection systems, new technologies for more efficient sorting and transport, and the development and communication of sorting guidelines. The project includes several actors from the industry as it is important that both material manufacturers, construction companies, recycling companies and transport companies cooperate.

Built environment Recycling

Project manager
Pernilla Johansson
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB
Project time
2018-06-30 to 2020-12-31