Prestudy for Torrefaction of recycled wood

Bioendev sees opportunities implementing a pilot project together with Cementa AB with the purpose of evaluating Bioendev's torrefaction technology as a possible pre-treatment process of construction waste. Cementa is looking into using construction waste as a raw material in their combustion plants for cement production at Slite, Gotland. Today they are using coal in their process and torrefied construction waste creates an opportunity to make more effective use of the material as a renewable fuel. The overall goal of the pilot project is to verify Bioendev’s torrefaction technology as a pre-treatment process of construction waste and the creating of a homogeneous energy-condensed and easily feed biofuel. A successful result can directly be translated into the construction of an industrial torrefaction facility for Cementa AB and contribute to new technology that allows increased use of construction waste in the manufacturing industry in general.

Built environment

Project manager
Lars-Åke Svensson
Bioendev AB
Project time
2016-09-02 to 2018-09-30