Improved handling of pyrotechnic equipment when dismantling obsolete vehicles

In Februari 2017 the preproject Optimized ELV-disassembly 42452-1 was reported. A proposal for improved authority supervision of pyrotechnical equipment was recommended in this report. The decree 2007:186 prescribe the process for activating of pyrotechnical equipment in End of Live Vehicles in order to protect people for accidents and the environment against pollution. Nordic Making and Bilretur has performed a prestudy to transfer activating data from the tool BlastBox to a database. This demo project will together with car dismantlers and environmental authorities develop this database as well as a work-process that will be able to follow up the activating process to 100%. The ambition is also that the working environment in the ELV-chain will be safeguarded. The participating authorities are communities connected to the participating dismantlers and "Naturvårdsverket". The project will also develop the working environment, safety and air quality, connected to activation.

Project manager
Hans Folkesson
Project time
2018-06-15 to 2019-12-31