Transforming biomass waste-streams into 3D fiber-based sustainable barrier packaging

Problems associated with plastics and PFAS, puts a great demand on our innovation systems to innovate and produce new economically viable material solutions which do not rely on finite or unsafe bioresources. In this regard, annual plant related industries create or have access to waste-streams that potentially can be valorised into high performing packaging solutions/single-use products. A consortium of five industrial partners together with the research institute RISE has defined a project in which biorefinery processes for two renewable waste-streams, common reed, and vodka wheat spent grain, are combined with innovative biobased barrier technology to create 3D shaped fiber-based packaging. The project will result in new cellulose fiber qualities, functional binders and additives, and platform chemicals for 3D wet moulded high-quality packaging products with excellent barrier properties, which will contribute to the establishment of new circular flows of the future bioeconomy.

Project manager
Natalia Anna Wojas
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB
Project time
2022-09-01 to 2024-04-30
Bild för artikel Förädling av sidoströmmar från biomassa till 3D fiberbaserade hållbara barriärförpackningar


Natalia Anna Wojas

project manager, RISE AB