Favourite wardrobe - Measure and increase utilization of garments

The project aims to increase the level of use of clothes that today are often used few times. The project is considered to have news value because it wants to map how customers use their clothes and in dialogue with the customer groups to understand why some garments are used and others are not. The Swedish Energy Agency believes that the project has the potential to create the conditions to find new platforms and business models that can increase the utilization rate of clothing and in the longer term lead to fewer garments being consumed.

Business models Textile

Project manager
Ann-Charlotte Mellquist
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB
Project time
2021-09-01 to 2023-08-31
Bild för artikel Favoritgarderoben – Mäta och öka nyttjandegraden på kläder


Ann-Charlotte Mellquist

project manager, RISE