Digitalization tool for increased resource usage in WEEE (WEEE Digit)

Recycling of electronic waste is a challenging task on the path to sustainability. Aside the technical challenges on this path, recycling actors also require feasible frameworks. Digitalization tool for increased resource usage in WEE (WEEE Digit) aims to address the technical challenges from a wider perspective assuring not only robust processes but also automated technologies similar to a manufacturing system. The project utilizes the recycling of circuit boards and neodymium magnets in hard disk drives where a proof of concept process will be upgraded to a robust level with an intelligent, digitalized and automated cell consisting of robots and flexible fixturing technologies. The project will deliver a virtual and proof of concept cell with developed pertinent technologies. Moreover, a feasibility method integrated with artificial intelligence and digitalized information will be presented.

Electronics Recycling

Project manager
Björn Johansson
Chalmers Tekniska Högskola AB
Project time
2017-06-15 to 2017-12-31