Landfill mining - create resources by solving an environmental problem, NSR, Helsingborg

NSR has conducted a pilot project and evaluated a minor trial with landfill mining (RE:Source project 42529-1). The project indicated possibilities to develop technical methods for resource recovery from landfilled waste in an environmentally sound way. To further evaluate the methods from an economic and commercial perspective it is essential with project in larger scale. In the proposed innovation project the methods will be tested and developed further in a scale that can be replicated commercially (planned excavation 15 000 tons of waste). The project will be evaluated in a lifecycle perspective through cooperation with the University of Linköping. In the evaluation experiences from both the pilot- and innovation projects and on-going research within the EU-project “NEW-MINE” will be of use. The role of landfill mining as a possible carbon sink will be high-lighted.


Project manager
Eric Rönnols
Nordvästra Skånes Renhållnings AB
Project time
2018-06-15 to 2021-01-31