The sharing potential

Sharing is an area that is relatively new and where a lot happening right now. The project will be based on previous official reports and studies in the field and supplement these with new knowledge of potential and impact on the three dimensions of sustainability. The project aims at investigating three consumer products / services where there is a high potential for up scaling of sharing, replicability, increased resource efficiency and reduced environmental impact, and for these provide knowledge of how the potential can be achieved. In order to be able to evaluate the effects of sharing more systematically, an overview of possible methodology for sustainability assessment is presented, including recoil effects. The methodology is tested on the three areas of premises, transport and tools. Finally, a list of general success factors is presented that enable up scaling of sharing and positive effects of sharing in society as well as more specific factors for the three products.

Business models

Project manager
Liv Fjellander
IVL Svenska Milj├Âinstitutet AB
Project time
2017-11-01 to 2018-10-31


Delningens potential