Circular Product Lifecycle Manager C-PLM

Circular Product Lifecycle Manager is a technical platform enabling brands to incorporate circular business models around repair/resale of garments. Product lifecycle management (PLM) programs support brands to develop new garments, but there is no technical support for reselling secondhand or claims garments. C-PLM records unique product information for each secondhand garment, aggregating it on a platform compatible with existing software programs used by apparel brands. C-PLM enables brands to have product-specific information (e.g., defects, condition, info on repairs, pricing history) but also an overview of all secondhand garments to provide analysis of financials, usage and longevity. A feedback loop is created, enabling brands to improve their new collections by increasing the longevity and durability of their products. This important link will bring the industry forward, as transitioning to more circular models and increasing the lifespan of our garments is crucial.


Project manager
Åsa Fehrm
Project time
2021-09-01 to 2023-08-31
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Final Report

Reselling after collection can be profitable

Reselling after collection can be profitable

This pilot project has shown that collecting, analysing and reselling garments can be profitable.

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Åsa Fehrm

project manager, Filippa K