BRIC: Building Right - Innovative Approaches for a Circular Building Sector

The project aims to introduce design-based innovation methods and approaches in the construction industry to support the transition to a more resource-efficient and circular construction sector. New solutions and innovative ways of working struggle to gain traction in the construction industry. This contributes to making construction more costly, unsustainable and resource inefficient. To achieve this goal, design, innovation and product development management methods are used to understand conditions and needs and identify opportunities and challenges to transform the construction sector to become more ecologically and economically sustainable throughout the value chain, from policy, design, production and construction phase, to use, dismantling and reuse. The project will take place in direct cooperation through workshops and collaboration in a participative and inclusive process. The result is a plan for how identified opportunities can be implemented in a future project with participating partners.

Built environment Design

Project manager
Anders Warell
Lunds universitet
Project time
2023-09-04 to 2024-01-31
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Anders Verner Warell

project manager, Lunds Universitet