BHET monomer production based on PET packages

The purpose is to prepare the establishment of a plant of 10kTon per year for the production of the monomer and the chemical bishydroxyethyl terephthalate (BHET) which uses PET plastic from sorted packaging as a raw material. PET from sorting plants in Scandinavia will be used circularly by becoming a new product. Through the project's experiments for scaling up, iterative process simulations and environmental impact calculations with LCA, a process with the lowest possible greenhouse gas emissions will be proposed. A plant as described above will emit approximately 40% of the amount of GHG that is currently generated by incineration of PET packaging. The development of applications for BHET in plasticizers, in binders for paints and varnishes and as a raw material for new PET contributes to market development and the demand required to finance industrialization. Results from minimizing climate footprint and market development result in a plan for industrialization


Project manager
Karin Lindqvist
Project time
2022-08-15 to 2024-08-15
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Karin Lindqvist

project manager, RISE IVF AB