Recycled tires in civil engineering structures – better use of a high-quality material

The project aims to better utilize the premium properties of recycled tires by effectively using them as products or construction materials in appropriate applikations. This depends on the requirements on the functionality that is available for the construction, the soil and hydrological conditions as well as conditions with respect to the surrounding environment and buildings. Success requires a broad approach focusing on needs-based resources, the most optimal development opportunities, verifying the durability of structures and environmental impact, quality, adaptation of regulations / guidelines, confidence creating actions and business opportunities for the actors involved. The project includes, among other things a state of the art, which is the basis for the Work Shop performed with representatives of all parts in the value chain, and ends with a conclusive report and an open seminar.

Built environment

Project manager
Fredrik Hellman
Statens väg- & transportforskningsinstitut VTI
Project time
2016-08-29 to 2017-05-31


Kenth Johansson

project manager, RISE