Recycled foundry sand - Resource efficient natural sand: from lab to concrete product

The aim with this project is to create a resource efficient and environmentally driven product, reusing the surplus sand from foundries as aggregate in concrete, and thereby reduce the use of virgin raw materials and lower the impact on the environment. In the pilot project (ÅGREN), the general performance of different spent foundry sands in concrete was investigated, all parameters except the sand type being the same. In ÅGREN II, we take this a step forward by working in foundry-concrete factory constellations. All technical tests, Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costs are performed on these actual constellations, giving the participating companies direct applicable values from the results, at the same time as we create several substantial good examples. The tests show that the concrete gets satisfying workability, strength development and durability, in order to produce quality concrete and products. The LCA and LCC give the companies substatual values on how much the can save.

Built environment

Project manager
Ulf Gotthardsson
Project time
2016-09-16 to 2018-09-15