Analysis of value chains of horse-manure to biogas

Horse Manure is a type of waste that holds a significant potential of 600 GWh which could be made use of to produce renewable biogas. To produce biogas from manure could contribute to replace fossil fuels such as natural gas in the Swedish mix of energy, contribute to lower emissions than fossil fuel, reduce leakage of nutrients and better recycling thinking. However, horse owners are a fragmented group and differs on aspects such as size, geographical location and type of business which implies a costly and complicated value chain. This project investigates and identifies preconditions for developing new business models and identifies how the value chain can be improved through technical, organizational or market improvements.

Business models

Project manager
Christian Finnsgård
SSPA Sweden AB
Project time
2016-08-24 to 2017-02-23


Christian Finnsgård

project manager, SSPA