RESTART - Reuse of ice-hockey sticks in energy dissipating structures

RESTART is a pre-study aiming to develop a novel circular re-use approach for scrapped high-tech advanced composite ice-hockey sticks. The project involves an ice-hockey club (Luleå Hockey), a tier-one supplier to automotive industry (Gestamp Hardtech), a research institute (RISE) and a university (Luleå tekniska universitet, LTU). The intention is to develop a novel way to re-use scrapped sticks for crash energy absorbing elements in car components. The outcome of the project will be summarized in a technology development roadmap that will include identification of critical R&D needs, time and resources required for TRL-maturation, tentative markets, IPR-protection potentials, potential development partners and an estimated time for exploitation.

Composites Reuse

Project manager
Patrik Fernberg
Luleå tekniska universitet
Project time
2022-09-01 to 2023-08-31
Bild för artikel RESTART – Återanvändning av hockeyklubbor i energiabsorberande strukturer


Patrik Fernberg

project manager, Luleå tekniska universitet