Pyrolysis and dehalogenation of plastic-based WEEE in screw reactor

Studies of pyrolysis process for WEEE treatment are today focusing on producing the value energy with less environmental pollutions emissions , and further recovery precious metals and rare elements, which is hard be recovered due to their ignorable character without oxidation . At KTH, a concept of multistage steam pyrolysis process has been established to achieve this goal. With aiming at gather more know-how of this idea, in this proposal, 1 kg/h steam screw pyrolysis Reactor to recovery energy and metal from WEEE will be designed, constructed, commissioned and tested. Research of dehalogenation of plastics with aiming at a halogen free oil by the designed screw reactor will be focused.

Electronics Plastics

Project manager
Weihong Yang
Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan
Project time
2016-09-05 to 2018-07-04