PFAS-free water-based non-stick coating adapted for use in circular frying pans

IPinium and its subsidiary, ONEPan, are developing and selling patented, circular and sustainable frying plates and pans. Frying pans with a nonstick coating are currently bought and thrown away when the coating is worn out. An illogical and unsustainable way of managing consumption. Phasing out PFAS substances is a high priority in the EU's new chemicals strategy. IPinium and its subsidiary ONEPan, which is jointly owned with Tareq Taylor, currently use a ceramic nonstick coating manufactured by a third party. Ceramic coatings have a short lifespan, use potentially harmful substances such as silanes and are difficult to remove, which limits the circular business model. We will develop a water-based, ceramic nonstick coating, free of PFAS and other potentially harmful substances, which will partly be made from waste products and will be specially designed to be recoated several times on the same products.

Business models

Project manager
Kent Rundgren
Ipinium Aktiebolag
Project time
2023-09-01 to 2025-06-30
Bild för artikel PFAS-fri vattenbaserad non-stickbeläggning anpassad för bruk i cirkulära stekpannor


Kent Rundgren

project manager, Ipinium AB