Industrial Symbiosis in Sotenäs

The municipality of Sotenäs together with partners from businesses, academy and other actors, has been actively working towards implementing and developing industrial symbiosis (IS) since 2013.The goal has been to create green local jobs while contributing to building better environment and sustainable future both locally and globally. A couple of symbiosis have been built and implemented, some tested through pilot-facilities and some are waiting for the final confirmations before building the necessary infrastructure for realizing the symbiotic systems.The municipality has previously led and taken part of several IS projects, but nothing so far has evaluated the existing projects’ environmental and socioeconomic benefits. The latter is the objective of the project in hand. The finding of “Industrial Symbiosis in Sotenäs” will be spread with other municipalities in order to ease and speed up their local work with facilitating industrial symbiosis.

Project manager
Leif Andreasson
Sotenäs kommun
Project time
2017-02-01 to 2017-12-29



Leif Andreasson

project manager, Sotenäs kommun