PUR (Polyuretan) in building systems

This projekt is focusing on using recycled PUR (Polyurethane) in insulating products for Ecovative building system and other general purposes. There are today a substantial volume of recycled PUR with few applications.The construction industry can be a large taker of such product. The swedish so called "miljonprogrammet" has a huge ned of energy improvement.PUR is today more expensive than the more commnly used EPS but we hope that the recycled product will have a lower price. Our goal is to use 70-80% recycled material in the new product and to improve insulation by 30-40% compared to EPS.

Built environment Plastics Recycling

Project manager
Mattias Strandlind
Evocative Solutions AB
Project time
2016-09-02 to 2017-02-04