Rethinking fashion: Sweden’s solutions for sustainable textiles

The video tells you about three textile projects funded by RE:Source. Emilia Castles is a designer at FilippaK and works on a project where used garments are recycled, repaired and tagged for traceability.

Every year, a staggering 100 million tons of clothing are discarded globally, enough fabric to cover the entirety of southern Sweden with a 40-meter-deep layer of textiles. Projects funded by RE:Source test and demonstrate solutions to tackle these challenges.

Surprisingly, many individuals are unaware of the vast number of garments they own, leading to thousands being used only once. Solutions like clothing subscriptions and repairing and reselling garments are emerging to combat this issue, while digital systems and data management are being developed to support the circular economy. These changes seek to revolutionize an industry responsible for massive waste and environmental impact.